Voicing your Truth

Do you yearn for VIBRANT ALIVENESS?

Would you like to powerfully speak and live YOUR TRUTH?

Are you wishing to experience SUPPORT and INSPIRATION on that journey?

Let’s go on this journey together!

Hey Yogini of Courage!

Hey Witch, Tigress and Unicorn of this exciting time… 

You’ve found us because something in your body and heart is pulling towards deeper courage and more aliveness in yourself… this a place to discover amazing tools and exciting practices for young women, witches, tigresses and unicorns ready to light their fire and speak their truth!

Welcome to Yoga of Courage 

Presenting our first Online course – Voicing Your Truth!

This is a new course in The Young Women’s School which is made for young women, feminine voyagers, witches and unicorns wishing to heal, embody and discover feminine voice, female expression and the diversity of what women’s and feminine voices bring to our world today. 

A 21 day challenge that is based on the feminine principles, with core practices and inspirations that are founded on deep women’s knowledge, feminine wisdom and somatic transformation.

It’s colourful, rich and inspirational – and made especially for you! 

The course takes you through 3 weeks of rich and inspiring content addressing the 7 main fears (and their connecting “sister fears”) that we have met in women all over the world.

Issues that block us showing up in the world and our collective heritage that has diminished the feminine voice in globally for so many centuries.

The fears that we address in “Voicing Your Truth” 21-day Online course:

  • Fear of feeling your truth & the fear of pain
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of being too much
  • Fear of being visible/fear of being ugly
  • Fear of the unknown/fear of losing control
  • Fear of responsibility

Upon enrolling in this course, you will gain instant access to more than 160 minutes of video material, more than 180 minutes of audio and written material.  

We deeply believe in our potential to really make a difference and that a feminine Yoga of Courage is very much needed at this time.

Let’s change our world one breath of courage at a time

Why “Voice Your Truth”?

We created this course because we have encountered the same fears in ourselves and the women we work with over and over again.

It seems to be collective and global phenomena – fears that stop us from voicing our truth and living up to our true and full courage.

In this course, we have curated the best and most beautiful pathways that accompany steps and journeys of courage.

Let’s go, sister!

What does the Yoga of Courage mean?

It is the Yoga of Courage because yoga means union, union with our selves and life.

Yoga is an ancient spiritual art, which is going through a period of many transformations as the feminine is awakening.

Courage is something that can be nourished and cultivated, expanded and developed. It’s a muscle that becomes stronger as you use it.

It takes courage to walk your path in this world. It takes courage to voice your truth.

It takes courage to love and have an open heart.

It takes courage to heal and it takes courage to grow.

It is on this pathway of courage that we support and accompany YOU!

Courageous journeys

Many adventures in life take a lot of courage – mountains of it. Often, our hearts push us to do things and go places that actually take us out of our comfort zones.

We live in a world within which it is becoming increasingly important to have a sense of what is important to each one of us individually, feel connected to our own hearts and souls and learn to listen, then act on, the call from inside. To navigate your life according to YOUR truth. 

We are wishing to support the healing and expression of the feminine in the world, taking into account that there are lots of fluid pathways between what feels feminine and masculine and in between in us all. Let’s reclaim what has been diminished, undermined and surpressed for millenia in our world and societies at large – a vaster underlying principle of the feminine in us all.

It’s all about the soul shake, baby!

The Yoga of Courage Online course: Voicing Your Truth

In a world hungry for authenticity, a history of silencing the feminine and that is currently exploding with women ready to step up and lead a new generation of empowered feminine pathways – it’s time for us to claim our truth and bring female voices to the world.

Bringing your truth to the table matters!  


Let’s speak out together – today, more than ever, a female, heart centred, soul awake, loving, kind, courageous and fierce approach to many of our current problems is calling out for us all to rise.

We support YOU in finding your voice, getting clear on your truth, and speaking it – in your way, in your world and in the world at large.

This is a personal journey for each one of us, and it is also a collective one – as we gather momentum to create space for our voices, our truths and our song to be heard.

Are you ready to VOICE YOUR TRUTH? 

Join us for this exciting and empowering inspirational journey…

About your Yogini of Courage Tigress sisters:

JAGUAR has established The Womens School (you’re here!) as an educational response to the current feminine awakening, as well as the “Lovemedicine” Clinic, a place for individual feminine centred support.

  • Creatrix & Founder of The Women’s School

  • Educational & inspirational courses for women around the world

  • Magical Retreats for women

  • Feminine Health professional, Therapist, Pregnancy & Birth professional, Doula & Somatic Trauma work

  • Training for Women in Feminine Health, Pregnancy and Birth & Mystical Women’s Circles (Sacred Rose Initiations)

  • Feminine & soul centred individual apprenticeships for professionals
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Midwife of the Soul: Soul processes & Rites of Passage work

  • Writer & Author

  • Audio-artist & Songstress

ILAN – co-teacher of this course & inspired Berlin-based pioneer of feminine sexual healing work! 

Ilan brings a powerfully embodied sensitivity, intelligence and courageous following of her truth.

  • Trauma Healing

  • Pelvic Floor

  • Cantienica Pelvic Floor Training

  • Somatic Sexual Embodiment Training

  • TigerWork (instinct based fight training for women)

  • 101 Miles of Sexual Healing (ongoing development of feminine sexual healing tools)

  • Author, teacher and trainer

Check her out here:

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