Easter 2018 (30 March - 2 April)

Magic Women New Zealand Retreat. A retreat to awaken and grow your capacity to create magic in your life and in yourself … soul magic!

This is for you!

You love feminine spaces held with the intentions of nourishment, depth, love, and reverence for the mystical pathways of the feminine… and you’d like to grow even more into that!

Come and journey with us… 4 days of female magic!

It’s time to claim your unique Soul Magic. This is potent medicine for our times. Awaken ancient Feminine Power in your bones, bringing healing to personal and collective pain. We will integrate embodiment practices for holistic wellbeing, excavating deep female lineages and resources of strength. You will learn so much about the ancient inner knowledge of the feminine.

Magic = Extraordinary  possibilities within the ordinary 

In this New Zealand retreat, we open fields of possibility aligned with the sensitive awareness of journeys of the soul.
This Retreat is suitable for sensitive, creative, soulful and heart-powered women, ready to claim the inner magic and delve into the ancient mysteries.
The Women’s School is an inspirational and educational platform for women and the pathways of the feminine. In this Retreat we will cover many topics related to women’s life experience, inner life and processes of transformation.
  • Yogini Yoga
  • Movement and embodiment practices
  • Feminine Mysteries
  • Woman Centred Healing Rituals
  • Time to connect with yourself
  • Meditation practices for women
  • A dose of Magic
  • Female spaces of co-creation
  • Safe, held and nurturing environment
  • Discover, share & experience
  • Nature time
  • Mystical pathways
  • Shared food preparation & meals
  • Sacred time in Women’s Circle
  • Making fire
  • Deep personal healing

Day 1, Part 1: Rest and Clarity.

Recovering inner clarity and stillness

Arrival (around midday), welcome, connecting, finding relaxation and peacefulness together.

Day 1, Part 2: Crystal Clear

Your Crystal Clear Soul Self, afternoon and Evening Sessions

Day 2: The Mystery of the Roses

The ancient feminine mystical path and your own magical flowers

Yogini practice in the morning (optional)

Breakfast – Rose Path Session – Lunch – Your Magical Garden Session  – Dinner – Nature Ritual – Meditation

Day 3: The Witches’ Healing Cauldron

Deep personal healing work

Yogini practice in the morning (optional)

Breakfast – Witches Healing Cauldron Session – Lunch – Witches Healing Caudron Session  – Dinner – Magical space

Day 4: The Star Gown

The Great Mother. Walking the star paths into your own magic.

Yogini practice in the morning (optional)

Breakfast – The Star Gown Session Session – Lunch – The Star Gown Session  – Dinner – Magical space

It is optional whether you leave in the evening, or stay another night for the Ritual, depending on your commitments.

Night Ritual

This is a magical feminine Retreat – breaks, nature time and sleep will be integrated into our Session times when and as needed.

You are free to arrive a little earlier on the first day from 10 am onwards, and free to complete on the last day from 4 pm onwards.

(Obviously you can leave at any time, these are the structrures we will use for creating the Retreat schedule).

Your Facilitatrix

My name is Jaguar Yolande Alice Carrell

I am the creatrix and founder of The Women’s School and sole practitioner at The Love Medicine Women’s Clinic.

My life’s work so far has been to recover feminine wisdom, women’s knowledge and pathways of The Goddess that have been long forgotten. I am a specialist “midwife of the soul” – creating the spaces for people to birth their soul essence fully into life.

An integral part of it all is the embodiment of the uniqueness of YOUR soul, reverence to the Feminine in all of life, deep honouring of our health, our selves as part of nature, and our inherent worthiness.

I am an educator, therapist, birth professional, artist, spiritual person and change maker with a passion for the feminine awakening in our world today.

Pioneering work for women 

In my pioneering work as the founder of a feminine inspirational and educational platform – The Women’s School, and as a Feminine Wisdom professional, I have brought together all my life experience of womanhood, feminine rites of passage, professional birth attendance and pregnancy support, the soul pathways of birth, Medicine Woman wisdom, creativity, art, dance, movement, yoga, conscious sexuality, meditation, natural health care, body & trauma therapies, holistic healing, and the mystical pathways of the feminine.

Our New Zealand Retreat is taking place at the beautiful Barefoot Lodge by Lake Rotoehu. A place of deep rest and replenishment.
RETREAT DATES: Good Friday, 30th March at 1 pm – Easter Monday, 2nd of April at 6 pm or Tuesday 3rd April by 10 am

Arrival on the morning of the 30th of March between 10 am and 12 pm, or if you are coming from further away arrival is possible on the evening of the 29th of March from 6 pm if you require arriving the day before the Retreat begins.

We begin with a shared lunch on the 30th around 1 pm, the Retreat starts after that.

Leaving as you choose in the evening on Easter Monday around 6 pm (or a little earlier if your commitments require) or the morning Tuesday 3rd of April by 10 am.


Retreat & accommodation:

Early Bird – registration before 1/3/18: 850$ NZD

Last minute – registration until 15/3/18: 1000$ NZD

This is a small Retreat with up to 10 women participating 



150$ NZD per woman – food is provided, meals will be prepared together, Please let us know about any dietary needs. We will be preparing simple vegetarian meals and yummy snacks as well as wonderful teas and nourishing medicinal food. Vegan and gluten-free options will be available.

Are you interested in the Retreat? Let’s schedule an Online call to chat and meet each other! 

Are you interested? Send me an Email here and I will be in touch within 72 hours!

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