Sponsor a young woman, support Feminine Empowerment


The Godmother project is a love-child of The Women’s School.

We are so passionate about creating pathways for women to access female empowerment and the educational resources and soul inspiration needed at this pivotal time.

And because for young women sometimes the money thing is still in its budding stages and not always easy to come by, we have created this project as an opportunity for young women between the age of 16 and 24 to receive a Godmother sponsorship!

The Godmother-to-be can choose from three ways of supporting:

  • Gifting a Young Women’s School programme to a young woman she knows and loves
  • Direct sponsorship of a young woman unable to pay a programme who is on our Godmother wait-list
  • Partial sponsorship of young women receiving discounts or full scholarship of courses

When a Godmother fully sponsors a young woman on our waiting list, she has the possibility to be connected to the “Godchild” she is supporting as long as both sides agree. We are happy to provide a communication bridge so you can offer support in other ways as well.

The ancient role of a Godmother is a spiritual protection and guardianship – and that’s what this project is about – true heartfelt support of a young woman on her soul path.

Godmothers are magical. Godmothers are amazing!


Dear young woman,

welcome to The Young Women’s School!

This space is for you, your learning and personal journey. And because we want to support you, we have created the Godmother Project. This is for you.

How it works

If you are a young woman between the age of 16 – 24 you can receive Godmother sponsorship through the Young Women’s School.

All you need to do is apply by writing to us. You may be able to receive full sponsorship, partial sponsorship or a discount.

You may like to take up contact with the woman sponsoring you and then it is up to you how you may like to build a relationship with her.

Here at The Women’s School, we offer a platform of financial support and connection – you might find you have a magical cheerleader who accompanies you on some of your life paths!


The Young Women’s School scholarships

As a contribution towards the Godmother Project, The Young Women’s School currently offers:

  • 1 full scholarship for Yoga of Courage monthly
  • 20 % discount for individual Online calls (3 spots monthly)

The offerings in the scholarships and Godmother Project are for women aged 16 Р24 

Use this contact form to get in touch about the Godmother Project - let's create magic!

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