FULL MOON Sacred Rose Women Circle-Chambers of Love

21 January 2019 – Mount Maunganui

This upcoming Women’s Circle will be dedicated to ENTERING THE CHAMBERS OF LOVE. We will be guided by the potency of the FULL MOON ENERGIES to dive deep into the HEART OF THE FEMININE for HEALING of subtle energies in the WOMB and its connection with the HEART.


Sacred Rose Circle ∞ Sacred Space

19 January 2019 – Berlin

Trough different meditations, sharing circle, presence, partner exercises, individual exercises, soft movement, healing touch and singing we will dive into the magic of the sacred space in the inner and outer world and the importance of vulnerability.


Sacred Rose Women's Circle - Wisdom of the Body

14 October 2018 – Mount Maunganui

This upcoming Sacred Rose Women’s Circle will be dedicated to the WISDOM OF THE BODY.
Our bodies are our temples, our sacred ground and an expression of our soul. In the circle we will be exploring the immense wisdom and healing power available to us through our human body.


Sacred womb - A journey for women in dialoge with her heart

2 September 2018 – Berlin

The womb is a place of creativity and of changes, which is why it has become a symbol of transformation.

Women are co-creators and fellow-death-bearers. A term that still seems to be uncomfortable for some of us women because it is filled with shame.


Angelbirth Retreat 2018

3. bis 12. Juli 2018 – Großes Lautertal, Deutschland

Für eine neue Generation von Frauen, die Raum für die Seele und einen tiefen Zugang zum Femininenkreieren möchten.


Female Energy Anatomy - Autumn

13 May 2018 – Mount Maunganui

A beautiful evening filled with candle light, feminine wisdom teachings and witch awakenings.


Magic Women Circle - Mary Magdalene

30 April 2018 – Mount Maunganui

An evening dedicated to the excavation and exploration of the Magdalene Mystery.