About The Women’s School

The Women’s school has come about in parts through searching and finding “the feminine” around the globe and within human beings, in parts through consistent research, personal experience, work with and studies of the ancient feminine pathways, in parts a body of wisdom that is continually arising through the dedication to this field, The Women’s School itself creating a field of constant learning and growing in this realm.

The Women’s School is a wide space of learning and inspiration that encompasses not only physiological and medical wisdom of our times, emotional landscapes of womanhood and spiritual depths, but also the puzzle pieces so vibrant for the soul – creative and wilderness pathways, leading each of us to our own, unique lessons with that which it is to be a woman and that which it is to work with “the feminine”.

In The Women’s School we open our arms and hearts wide to our own journey.

You may be here for your own discovery of your body, your soul, your path with your gifts in this world. Maybe you’re yearning for a deeper connection to what is true for you, perhaps your body is crying out for some extra radical care, and maybe, just maybe you have the sense that there is more to the whole “feminine” thing than you have touched in yourself until now. And there is.

Always so much to uncover. Recover. Discover.

For there has been so much buried and forgotten.

And we are uncovering that together. Puzzle piece by puzzle piece.

Another side is that you may be called to work with women, work within the feminine fields. There are new, and there are ancient aspects to this. And we have far to go, retrieving what needs to be remembered and birthing new pathways that are emerging within us all.

And so you may be called, as part of your life path, to work the work of “The Mother”, the Great Goddess, the feminine force in the universe, and, in you.

Because we are immersing ourselves in quite a vast field, that wants to be large, and wide like the broad hips of a birthing woman, there really is a huge spectrum of possibilities. A growing selection of aromas and colours, from which to pick your chosen course of personal discovery and/or professional learning.

For this is also a school of professional education. A place for you to come into Mastery of certain areas of the feminine professional field.

Some of these professional pathways are ancient, yet new – in the context of today. And some of our professional pathways have been woven from a myriad of threads to create a rich, comprehensive area of work suited to the creative, wise and soulful woman.

We include many areas of learning, study and experience in our courses and you’ll continue to find surprising and fascinating doorways into the world of womanhood and the “feminine” at large.

Our courses span health and healing, pregnancy and birth, mysticism and spirituality, art and dance, song and music, poetry and literature, scientific research and medical knowledge, nature’s ways, ancient shamanic practices and yoga wisdom, pathways of mindfulness and more.

The founder (that’s me) is Jaguar (Star) Yolande Alice Carrell.

Read more about me HERE

Currently, most of The Women’s School courses are taught by me (for now).

There is a growing number of The Women’s School practitioners, and there is “The Young Women’s School” (especially designed for women around the age of 16 – 24 approximately).

I am deeply looking forward to what this journey holds in store for everyone that is and becomes part of “The Women’s School”.

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