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Welcome to The Women’s School

The Women’s school has come about in parts through searching and finding “the feminine” around the globe and within human beings, in parts through consistent research, personal experience, work with and studies of the ancient feminine pathways, in parts a body of wisdom that is continually arising through the dedication to this field, The Women’s School itself creating a field of constant learning and growing in this realm.

The Women’s School is a wide space of learning and inspiration that encompasses not only physiological and medical wisdom of our times, emotional landscapes of womanhood and spiritual depths, but also the puzzle pieces so vibrant for the soul – creative and wilderness pathways, leading each of us to our own, unique lessons with that which it is to be a woman and that which it is to work with “the feminine”.

In The Women’s School, we open our arms and hearts wide to our own journey.



Angelbirth Retreat 2018 @ DOMॐPERLE – Großes Lautertal

Für eine neue Generation von Frauen, die Raum für die Seele und einen tiefen Zugang zum Femininenkreieren möchten.


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